About Us

Shengen is a leading China sheet metal fabrication supplier. It delivers various services, such as sheet metal laser cutting services. Besides delivering sheet metal fabrication, it also produces precision parts. These include precision sheet metal components, auto parts, and electronic chassis assemblies. The company supplies many large enterprises both at home and abroad.
Shengen has built a good reputation for its competitive rate, on-time delivery, and high-quality services.
Shengen was established in 2013 with a long tradition of delivering the best sheet metal fabrication services. We currently have a 9000 sq ft of Manufacturing Facility and a 6000 sq ft of Powder Coating Facility. We currently have 125 employees with internal job-specific training and qualification/certification processes.
Shengen engineers are creating more renovative works for our clients. It’s Shengen’s belief to deliver high-quality services at more competitive prices.


TZR founded



Moved to Dongguan

In order to adapt to the development of the company, TZR Sheet Metal Co., Ltd. officially moved to Dongguan, renamed Dongguan Shengen Metal Co., LTD. Start the new development process of the company.



Built a new branch factory

In order to meet the needs of the company to expand production, Shengen Metal Co.,Ltd built a new branch factory with an area of about 3,000 square meters in April 2021, which indicated that the company had entered a new level of development.



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