Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet Metal Service from Shengen includes metal bending and laser cutting. Besides, we deliver single prototyping and low-volume production services. These contain industrial machinery, automotive, household appliances, medical products, etc.

3D Printer Accessories

Metal 3D printers were first applied in the aerospace industry. Yet, due to its great convenience, it’s used in various industries. As a result, Shengen is developing new metal additive manufacturing machines. These more advanced machines help to improve Shengen’s sheet metal fabrication services.

CNC Machining Part

CNC machine is a vital tool in the sheet metal fabrication process. The tool receives instructions from the control systems to do specific actions. Then it parameterizes the workpiece’s size and shapes into numbers and letters.

Stamping Part

A computer program controls sheet metal for higher accuracy and efficiency. As a result, the edges will be more precise than those made by CNC machining.

Metal Fabrication Solutions

Over the past nine years, Shengen Metal Co., Ltd. has completed more than 100 product projects for customers yearly. These include medical, automotive, electronics, and other industries. Most products need high precision, firmness, and water leakage prevention. We managed to achieve this. Shengen’s advanced welding and bending equipment ensure a high quality of its final products. Since all the machines have different shapes, we design devices according to the customer’s instructions. Our efficient designs save costs and optimize products for customers. In addition, Shengen follows ISO 9001:2015 requirements to pursue eco-friendly norms.

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Metal Fabrication Services

Design & Manufacture

Design & Manufacture

Before sheet metal fabricating, Shengen reviews and uses standard engineering drawings of customers. But it can also provide product design and custom sheet metal fabrication services. These include AutoCAD, Solidworks, IGS, and STP file software.

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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Shengen ensures that all sheet metal fabrication services meet the customer’s needs and that we deliver them on time.

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Supply Chain Integration

Supply Chain Integration

Supply chain integration involves all members who work in the sheet metal fabrication process. A high degree of cooperation and coordination ensures that every member works for a common goal.

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Laser Cutting Service

Sheet Metal Laser Cutting

Shengen can cut it into any size and shape as long as it is metal. So from minor decorative metals to massive building materials, we can do it all.

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Robert Bending Service

Automatic sheet metal Bending

Robot bending machines can complete one bending device after another. As a result, we can reduce the errors caused by manual bending. Furthermore, the bending requirements can be easily adapted, whether they are complex or simple.

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Folding & Foriming

Metal Folding & Forming

For metal bending, shaping, forming, and stamping, Shengen has state-of-the-art machines for production. It meets the consistency of most metal products, suitable for large-scale production.

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Maual Welding & Fabrication

Sheet Metal Welding

Shengen has its own in-house capabilities to assemble any piece, be it industrial welding, fasteners, or a combination of the two. As a result, customers can use our products conveniently after receiving them.

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General Fabricaiton & Assembly

Sheet metal product Assembly

If your product needs our production and on-site assembly, Shengen can solve many types of assembly problems. For example, server chassis or medical equipment are all within our scope of service.

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Metal finishing

Shengen can provide the services of surface treatment. Including hot dip galvanizing, powder coating, or painting. All metals passing through our equipment are carefully pretreated.

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Why Choose Us

Endless Options

Various sheet metal materials, finishes, markings, and certifications are available. You will find any specifications that you need.

Competitive price

We have very competitive rates even though we are an industry-leading fabrication company. We have no minimum- order levels, and we’re always happy to provide a ‘no-obligation’ quote for your project.
Contact our sales to get the latest sheet metal fabrication price list!

Strict Quality Management

We are ISO 9001:2015 and SGS certified. Only the top shops that apply to become Suppliers make it through our qualification process.

Customized Design

Our experienced technical team owns the product and powder coating workshop design. It independently makes all single stamping / bending dies and progressive dies as per the product drawing.