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Metal Stamping Part

The stamping process is a sheet metal fabrication method. This process makes use of intense force from tools, dies, and metal stamping equipment to shape metals. Using the stamping process, people get stamped metal parts with specific shapes, sizes, and performances. At Shengen, we provide aluminum stamping parts and stamping stainless steel parts. As an unmatched stamping parts manufacturer, we run a China metal stamping parts factory. We have rich making high-quality metal stamping parts experience, and we offer OEM metal stamping parts for worldwide customers. Learn more about our stamped metal parts, and get in touch with our sales!


Q1. What will you do after sales?

When our sheet metal stamping parts apply to your products, we will follow up and await your feedback on any questions related to our metal parts. Our experienced engineers are ready to help.

Q2. Do you have your own factory? Where is it?

Welcome to visit our factory. We are an integrated company of industry and trade. The China metal stamping parts factory is in Dongguan, China.

Q3. What certifications do you have?

We have got ISO9001:2015, SGS, and RHOS.

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