Supply Chain Integration

Our system and processes are built around integrating into our customers’ supply chains. This allows us to consistently achieve industry leading on-time-in-full KPIs and short lead times.

Our systems and processes are integrated around the customer supply chain. This also enables us to achieve on-time complete KPIs and short delivery times in the industry.

We work with customers who are looking for a supply chain partner, whether they need integrated packaging services or simple assembly services. Support their subsequent production requirements by reshoring their production parts to the location, or canceling orders, changing fixed pricing and flexible delivery times.

Production Schedules

Some of our customers rely on us to meet their production schedules, from high-end industrial equipment to quarterly construction cycles to retail sales.

The services provided by Shengen include:

  • Weekly delivery report
  • Quarterly or annual cancellation agreements with fixed prices
  • Parts are stored for faster turnaround
  • Orders, including OEM packing and delivery notes

Sheet metal fabrication equipment