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Precision sheet metal fabrication

What is Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication? Precision sheet metal fabricator produces detailed and accurate sheet metal prototypes. For example, kitchens, cars, trucks, electronics, HVAC, and building constructions. All of these fields require metal components from precision sheet metal fabricating. Precision sheet metal fabrication encompasses a wide range of manufacturing techniques. This article lists three methods…

Shengen learns spraying techniques and creates his own spraying department

In order to ensure the quality and efficiency of product spraying, Shengen Metal Co.,Ltd worked hard to research technology, and finally obtained the ISO9001:2015 certificate and has its own spraying department. What are Powder Coatings? Powder coatings are created using polymeric resins that are combined with pigments, curatives, flow modifiers, leveling agents, and additional additives. They…

Shengen expands its business, and can provide rubber coating service

What is rubber coating? Rubber coating is one of the most widely used processes of coating in various applications. Such protective coating is applied onto or impregnated into a substrate or an object for protective, decorative or functional purposes. Types of Rubber Used in Rubber Coating: The following types of rubbers are frequently used for the…

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